Handcrafted Pottery

Nassau County's Premier Pottery Studio


Geared toward the beginner and intermediate student, each workshop will focus on an aspect of throwing that most students would like to improve upon. They are hands-on, so you will be watching as well as practicing with the experts on one specific topic. Each workshop runs for 2 hours from 1-3pm and will be taught by one of our instructors:

  1. Saturday, April 7…Shaping, Get the Shape You Want! Jenn Sommer who received a degree in ceramics from SUNY New Paltz and creates innovative surfaces as well as spectacular forms will share her knowledge on how to create some classic ceramic forms. We are not necessarily working with large amounts of clay. You can control shaping with small amounts too! 
  2. Saturday, April 14…Trimming, It’s Really Fun! Katie Rocks, well known for her skull and flower sculptures and her delicate thrown bowls, will be sharing with us her love of trimming. Why do we trim, where does the foot go, what are the options for feet are some of the topics she will discuss and demonstrate. Participants must come with a leather hard vase or bowl to be cut and altered.
  3. Saturday, April 28…The Next Step…Combining Forms!Adele Kleinrock’s work has clean, simple lines, but she also makes playful and complex pottery utilizing separate forms joined together. In this workshop she will demonstrate and help you make the individual forms that she combines into more intricate, functional work.
  4. Coming Also: A glaze workshop with Maria!!

Each 2 hour workshop is $50 for studio members and $60 for nonmembers. Firing fees are not included.